Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime

The easiest way to run your applications in production in Kubernetes

What is Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime?

The Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR) is a collection of services that make it easy to run production workloads in Kubernetes. The services are ready-to-run, and pre-integrated with each other so they work out of the box. They are based on best-of-breed popular projects such as Prometheus and Kibana and cover logging, monitoring, certificate management and other common infrastructure needs.

BKPR will be released soon as open source under the Apache 2.0 license. It will initially launch with Azure support (AKS) but plan to quickly add support for all major Kubernetes platforms.

How does it work?

On this video we show the deployment process of BKPR in an AKS cluster and how an application that is "BKPR ready" can be installed on top and automatically gets its certificates configured, logging and monitoring, without having to configure it manually.

Would you like to know when the Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime is released?

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